InfoBytes 010 – Ardhisasa

InfoBytes ISSUE 010 Ardhisasa

Tenacious, enduring, unsolvable. For half a century, the infamous land question has remained a bewilderment for Kenya, and a source for untold misery. Successive governments have tried to solve the puzzle. Ardhisasa is one of those solutions that is expected to resolve this issue completely. We tell you how.

InfoBytes 009 – ISSB Vaccines

InfoBytes ISSUE 009 ISSB Vaccines

Can you jab and booze? What is the relationship between Covid-19 and 5G network? Will you be able to have babies later on after the jab? What about receiving the Covid-19 jab when pregnant? We know you have a lot of questions on the Covid-19 vaccine. We answer them in this InfoBytes.

InfoBytes 008 – NHIF Super Cover

InfoBytes ISSUE 008 NHIF Supa Cover

NHIF Super Cover is Kenya’s largest medical insurance cover package providing affordable and quality social health protection for members in the informal and formal sectors. How does it work and what does it cover? We tell you.

InfoBytes 007 – ISSB Technology

InfoBytes ISSUE 007 ISSB Technology

A house – whether a rudimentary mud hut or a complex structure woven out of wood, masonry and modern wizardly, most people want to own one. But few do because of the costly nature of house construction. Enters ISSB technology – which lowers your construction needs considerably. We tell you how.

InfoBytes 006 – Ajira Digital

InfoBytes ISSUE 006 Ajira DigitaL

Kenya’s 75.1% youth population is a national asset that can also turn into a liability if not harnessed positively. About one million people join the labour market every year. We tell you how Ajira Digital is looking to support these youth explore more opportunities within the digital space.

InfoBytes Issue 005 – Land Conversion

InfoBytes Issue 005 Land Conversion

Land is an emotive aspect in Kenya. In fact, it has been one of the most divisive aspects of post-colonial Kenya. Acknowledging this, the Constitution of Kenya recognised that a lasting solution to the land problem lies in having an effective legal and institutional framework.  Learn more about land conversion.

InfoBytes Issue 004 – Kenya Wildlife Services

InfoBytes ISSUE 004 Parks

Well, everyone in Kenya knows them. The famous parks of Kenya – Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Nairobi National Park etc. What people do not know is that there are about 50 more parks in Kenya. We give you some of the lesser known gems that you can explore.

InfoBytes Issue 003 – Ease of Doing Business

InfoBytes ISSUE 003 Business

Want to start your own business in Kenya? Operating a small to medium enterprise in Kenya used to be tedious with numerous procedural and legal obligations. Thanks to Vision 2030, the government has made it easier for you to start your own company. Learn how.