Media Council installs taskforce on use of emerging technologies in the industry

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has inaugurated a team that is expected to develop guidelines on the use of emerging technologies in the industry.

MCK chief executive officer David Omwoyo said the Technical Working Group on Development of Media Guidelines on use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Social Media, would prepare a policy advisory on usage of the technologies in the sector.

“This will ensure appropriate and ethical integration of the three in professional journalism in Kenya,” said Mr Omwoyo, adding that the team has three months to do the task.

He observed that innovations like AI that prioritise audiences and aid in navigation of new market dynamics will ensure the media industry survives for the next decades.

“But when using them, issues to do with ethics and data protection come up. This is what the team has to look it and develop guidelines,” he said.

Ms Immaculate Kassait, the Data Commissioner, noted that the development of the guidelines would give clear rules on data protection and usage in media houses.

“Since we fined some establishments that were using photos of their clients without approval, some people think we are killing photography, but that is not the case, it all has to do with data privacy. We need to prepare ethical working guidelines that support AI innovations and data protection in relation with media operations,” she said.

The use of AI in media houses has grown significantly, with firms using the technology to maximise on audience segmentation and preferences leading to stabilisation of ratings and credibility.

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