Core Values

In implementing its mission, KYEB will be guided by the ‘BIG CARD’ values as follows;

  • Business ethics – KYEB shall be at the forefront in promoting good business morals in its interactions with its suppliers, human resources, the government and all other stakeholders.
  • Integrity – KYEB shall at all times be truthful and honest in carrying out all of its functions. It shall to this extent be at the fore front in the search for factual information before publishing it for consumption by the public
  • Governance – Good governance shall be practiced in all areas of operations and in particular in the employment practices, and in production of quality products that match international standards.
  • Creativity – Innovation will be the key strategy in finding better ways of doing things so as to improve efficiency and the quality of publications
  • Accountability – KYEB shall be accountable to the public in dissemination of information on development projects as well as in the utilisation of its resources
  • Research – KYEB will endeavour to seek factual information from secondary and primary sources using acceptable research methodologies in data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Dynamism – KYEB will constantly carry out environmental analysis and be at the forefront in implementing changes necessary to keep up with the changing times such as technological advancements and consumer tastes and demands.