In pursuit of the goal of providing equitable and affordable quality information and communication services the government, through the Ministry of Information and Communication, established the Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board (KYEB hereinafter). Its establishment followed a Presidential Order, 2007 whose principal mandate was to facilitate Government communication services through the publication of the Kenya Yearbook. The Yearbook will be a book published annually containing details of the government initiatives and achievements of the various sectors in the previous year.

The Kenya Yearbook will be one of its kinds in Kenya. It will be at the fore front in communicating to the public on the implementation of the Vision 2030 that is set to make Kenya a middle income country. It will give feedback to the public on the progress of these development projects that the government will be implementing in the different parts of the country.

Presentation of Kenya at 50 edition of the Kenya Yearbook to the Deputy President.

The Yearbook will also highlight previous government achievements such as the successful implementation of the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS) which saw the country’s economy take a rapid growth from a GDP of 0.6% to 7.1% in 2007. It is from ERS that Vision 2030 was created to allow for a continuation of development initiatives.

In addition the Kenya Year book will spearhead information flow from the government departments to the private sector and to the general public. It will enable Kenyans to know their country even better. It will encourage foreign direct investment as investors will be able to carry out business feasibility with ease and thus make informed decisions. It will go a long way into improving the country’s image and thus be accorded more respect by the international community.

The Kenya Yearbook will be reviewed continually to make sure that any new development in the social, economic, political and environmental changes has been incorporated. The principal objective of this state corporation should be to make the Yearbook a leading publication in terms of availability and readability.