The Organisation, established vide Legal Notice No. 187 of 2007 (The Kenya Yearbook order, 2007) was mandated to facilitate.

  • Its mandate is in carrying out the following principal functions as spelt out under paragraph 4 (section) of the Kenya yearbook order;
  • To periodically compile, edit and publish the Kenya Year book annually
  • To document and detail the work of the government of Kenya in the yearbook in partnership with its people
  • To explain in the year book the programme of action to sustain and speed up progress towards the kind of society Kenyans desire and
  • To convey in the Year book the immense resources in Kenya and the potential still to be tapped
  • To co-ordinate and implement Government communications functions in a manner that ensures a qualitative and positive presentation of materials that define Kenya’s situation;
  • To provide guidance in Government communication and build a framework of partnerships and co-operation between key government communicators.
  • To promote awareness of opportunities available worldwide and how to gain access to them.
  • To inform Kenyans of regional, continental and global integration opportunities and initiatives.
  • To conduct communication research and disseminate the findings and organise periodic teach-ins and seminars.
  • To identify thematic campaign issues.
  • Transversal campaigns, such as Vision 2030, the Millennium Development Goals, the Constitution debate and regional and global partnership initiatives.