From 1963 to 1983, Stanley Shapashina ole Oloitipitip bestrode the Maasai politics like a colossus and when he fell from the national limelight and into oblivion, his political career collapsed like a house of cards – ending with a 12-month jail term. As Minister for Local Government, Oloitipitip upgraded numerous small towns into municipal councils, … Read more

The terse one o’clock announcement by the Presidential Press Unit of the sacking of Robert Stanley Matano as Minister for Information and Broadcasting in 1985 hit the Kanu secretary-general like a thunderbolt. Matano, who was en route from his Mazeras home in Coast Province by train, disembarked in Nairobi and called his office, seeking a … Read more

Eliud Timothy Mwamunga was an astute politician in post-independent Kenya, navigating turbulent political waters to serve in the Cabinets of Presidents Kenyatta and Moi. He later co-founded the Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) that would play the initial role in catapulting Kibaki to become Kenya’s third President. A wealthy landowner in a constituency endowed with … Read more

Dr Joseph Gordon Odero-Jowi is best remembered for all the wrong reasons. He hardly made an impact on the political arena. He was the Ndhiwa MP between 1969 and 1974 on a Kanu ticket, when Nyanza was an opposition zone, dominated by Odinga’s KPU. President Kenyatta’s appointment of Odero-Jowi to the Cabinet did not make … Read more

At 90, Nathan Waliaula Munoko is amazingly physically fit and clear-minded. Much as memory fails him on some details of his political life, he narrates many defining personal and national moments with interesting anecdotes. Munoko is agile and alert. For instance, he drives himself around Nairobi and attends to personal and official functions. At the … Read more

Casually dressed and on his head a mat of grey hair, the aging Dr Munyua Waiyaki looks a pale shadow of the high flying diplomat who traversed the world in the 1970s, trying to persuade world leaders to end apartheid in South Africa and the remnants of colonialism in Africa. A gentleman who could lose … Read more

Henry Pius Masinde Muliro was born in 1922 at Matili village, Bungoma, to Muliro Kisingilie and Makinia after whom he was fondly referred to as Owa Makinia or Khwa Makinia. He was orphaned at a tender age. The mother died in 1928 when he was only six and the father in 1935 on the threshold … Read more

What comes to one’s mind whenever one converses with James Charles Nakhwanga Osogo is Shakespeare’s dictum in As you like it: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts…” At his Kilimani home in … Read more