Oginga Odinga was, undoubtedly, the doyen of opposition politics in the colonial and the post-independence eras. Since the colonial times, he was known for his political and ideological consistency. Odinga was a fearless leader. Unlike many politicians, Jaramogi, as his admirers fondly referred to him, would not compromise his ideals, notwithstanding the consequences. He was … Read more

Daniel Toroitich arap Moi was born on September 2, 1924, at Kurieng’wo, Sacho, Baringo District. He was the fifth child of his father’s senior wife. Moi was named Toroitich, which means “welcome the cattle home”, a clear indication of the central role of cattle in his culture. Moi’s father died when he (Moi) was only … Read more

Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi was appointed second Vice-President in May, 1966, following the fallout between President Kenyatta and Vice-President Odinga. Earlier, Murumbi had been independent Kenya’s first Foreign Affairs Minister. Murumbi was born in 1911 at Londiani, Kericho, to a Goan trader and a Maasai woman. In a media interview, he remembered his mother as a … Read more

President Mwai Kibaki’s style of governance is that of a competent technocrat. Thus, public affairs are better organised since he took over in December 2002. The economy has done well despite the post-election chaos of 2008 and Kenya is much freer than during the eras of Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi. The August 4, … Read more

The son of the Senior Chief Josiah Njonjo, Charles Mugane Njonjo was born at Kabete, Kiambu, on January 23, 1920, in a family of four brothers and four sisters. Three of the sisters are alive. While his detractors have always spoken of Njonjo as the man with the colonial hangover and hates everything African, the … Read more

Paul Joseph Ngei is one of the most controversial and most powerful political figures to have straddled Kenya’s political landscape. Born in 1923 at Kiima Kimwe, near Machakos town, 60km east of Nairobi, he was educated at the DEB Kangundo Primary School and Alliance. He later studied studied journalism and drama at Makerere. Ngei was … Read more

Roy Bruce McKenzie earned the distinction of being the only minister in the colonial government who retained his position upon Independence and held the portfolio until 1969, when he resigned on health grounds. He was the Minister for Agriculture. The South African-born politician is credited with steering Kenya’s agricultural economy through its worst period as … Read more

Born in 1907, Peter Mbiyu Koinange was among the first batch of students of Alliance in its first year, 1926, and, in 1938 became the first Kenyan to obtain an MA degree. His father, Senior Chief Koinange wa Mbiyu, sent him to the US in 1927 to complete secondary education and enrol for higher education, … Read more

Julius Gikonyo Kiano, the first Kenyan to obtain a PhD degree, was a pioneer scholar and freedom hero. He was born in 1926 at Githiga in Kangema, Murang’a District. He went to Weithaga Primary and Kagumo Intermediate schools before joining Alliance High School. He subsequently did two post-secondary education programmes at Makerere in Uganda and … Read more

Born in 1914 to pioneer Christians Samuel Gitau and Mariam Nyaguthii, James Samuel Gichuru was the first of nine children. His 90-year-old sister Hannah Wanjiku says that at a young age, Gichuru led a life different from boys his age, mostly because his parents were religious and put education ahead of traditional cultural activities. “While … Read more